My son, now age 17, virtually grew up at Hillcrest. He started playing at a young age, initially only wanting to play two to five holes, then go swimming or get a snack. But at the age of nine he refused to leave the golf course, getting dropped off early in the morning and staying until dark as often as he could. He spent his days playing with other juniors, practicing, taking lessons, and swimming. Adult members at Hillcrest love to see the game being passed on to the next generation and they welcomed his presence. He has learned life's lessons that golf teaches such honesty, integrity, being a gentleman and has become very comfortable interacting with adults. As for me, I received the priceless gift of developing a wonderful relationship with my son through hours of alone time with him, uninterrupted by cell phones, video games or other activities.
-David Lage
Hillcrest Golf Club of St. Paul is the perfect type of golf course to introduce your children to the game of golf. It is challenging for all ages, not too long, small greens with subtle breaks that make you a better putter, tee boxes for the true beginner, a great staff with many clinics and lessons to offer, and best of all our membership promotes family play any day of the week. My kids have not only come to appreciate the game of golf but have learned respect, patience, honesty, and many personal accomplishments along the way to help build their self esteem. Golf is truly a great game to learn at any age.
-Barbara Miller
Hillcrest is special because membership at Hillcrest is special. Not just for its timeless design, its exceptionally true greens and its immaculate conditioning. No, it's the people that make membership so special. Once you've been around the place a bit, you find that you just can't play a round at Hillcrest without feeling as if you're playing on your own personal track....No matter which direction you turn, from anywhere on the course, you see friendly, familiar faces, sharing the same passion for golf in all its facets as you do, waving or nodding back at you as you wave or nod to them....Whether the golf you seek is competitive, social, family, or business entertainment, you just cant find a better, friendlier, more accommodating club at any price .....period.
-Pete Stein